As Afil Collection, we are a leading brand offering expertly woven textile products. Our mission is to produce and export products that meet both individual and corporate needs by combining quality and aesthetics. Our wide product range offers superior quality and design in various fields such as loincloths, bedspreads, cotton casual wear and company-specific designs.

**Pestemal and Bedspread**
Bringing the traditional Turkish bath culture together with a modern design approach, our loincloth collection brings together both elegance and functionality. In addition, our selection of bedspreads that personalize and relax your bedrooms turn your bedroom into a dream world.

**Cotton Casual Wear**
Cotton comfortable clothing products, which we designed using natural and breathable fabrics, support your comfort and style at any time of the day. Modern cuts and unique designs allow you to reflect your personal style.

**Special Designs for Firms and Export Production**
Our custom design services, keeping up with the dynamics of the business world, offer textile products that reflect your brand. We also specialize in manufacturing and exporting to provide competitive products in international markets. We take your business one step further by offering customized solutions tailored to your needs.

As Afil Collection, we continue to offer the best to our customers with years of experience and passion. We will continue to stand out in the sector with our quality, innovative approach and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to offer the ideal textile solutions for you.


Company Name : Uzman Textile

Afil Collection Team